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hands – lifestyle gift & homewares store

hands - lifestyle gift & homewares store

hands – lifestyle gift & homewares store

hands – lifestyle gift & homewares store :- I don’t know if I’m going to be able to sell  this because honestly look at that it’s gorgeous good morning everybody I am super excited about  today’s episode and here is why I am a full-time   vintage reseller and typically my episodes are  very design based even though I’m going out   thrifting for things for my online vintage shop  I like to show them to you in more of a design   setting and I like to style up all of my finds  but I know that so many of you are also vintage

resellers so today’s episode is going to be a  little bit different than normal we are going   to hit as many thrift stores as we can in one  day and we are going to be tallying up how much   money we are spending and what the retail value of  each individual item is and at the end of the day   we are going to see how much profit we can make  with all of our fines for one day I’m hoping to   hit at least six to ten shops today the Pacific  Northwest is an amazing place to find second-hand   Treasures so we are going to hit the road and  we are headed to Vancouver Washington foreign
this candle holder is a vintage Nasco Japan piece  it is all hand painted and although it’s a little   bit dirty I think it will clean up beautifully it  is 2.99 with a retail value of around 28 dollars   foreign this is a crystal Swedish candle holder  and it’s kind of cool because it has the   1984 Olympic symbol on it it is only 5.

Hands lifestyle gift & homewares store online

99  and this is worth around forty dollars okay now this just looks like a turned  piece of wood it’s a little bit rustic   it doesn’t have a price tag on it they ended  up selling it for 99 cents and although the   value might not be incredibly High I think  it’s a really fun piece and we’re gonna get   it today I think if I stage it right  I could probably get around 18 for it this is a very interesting teapot it is 7.

99  and although it is not my style I know a lot   of people collect Pottery by this artist  Barb hartel I’ve seen her figural pieces   sell for between fifty and a hundred dollars  I think this is a really unique one and since   I know people do collect her work I’m going to  go ahead and value this at 75 these plates are   red wing Greenwich Stone from 1964 and it has  this kind of greenish yellowish swirl color to   it and these typically sell for around fifteen  dollars per plate on replacements.

com since we   are not selling them on but on  my own independent website I’m going to go ahead   and value the smaller plates at eight dollars  per plate and the full-size dinner plates at   ten dollars per plate there are seven of the  smaller plates and eight of the larger plates this is a nice little piece of vintage stoneware  Pottery it is only a dollar ninety nine and this   is something that I would typically list in  my shop for around eighteen dollars foreign set of four brass goblets these are adorable  because they’re extra tiny so they are the perfect
amount for just a little shot of alcohol they  are 1.99 each and I would expect to get around   28 dollars for the set of four this is such  a fun mid-century costume necklace it is 7.99   and even though it is a costume piece it is not a  designer piece it has such a fun dramatic classic   mid-century design to it I should expect to be  able to get about 75 dollars for this necklace thank you this piece of pottery is a little bit tempting  but for 6.

99 I think we’re gonna pass on this   we’ve got a long day of shopping ahead of  us so I’m gonna try to be somewhat picky this is a fun little vintage bell  it is a handmade Pottery piece it   is only 3.99 and this is just not  something that you come across every   day I would place the retail value at  a piece like this around 36 dollars handmade studio pottery always does  incredibly well in my shop this is a   beautiful neutral colored picture probably  made in the 70s it is artist signed on the   bottom it is 6.99 this is a picture I  would expect to get around 48 dollars
for don’t forget to check and make sure  there are not any cracks or chips when   you buy things from Goodwill you never  know so you’ve really gotta double check foreign this is a fantastic mid-century Italian  leather wrapped decanter and these sell   online for somewhere around 75 dollars  it looks like there are two of them here   at a 75 dollar value each 9.
99 is not a  bad price to pay this pair is especially   cool because they are mixed and matched  and they’ve got roaring Lions on them thank you foreign here are some more brass goblets these are really  heavy in fact these might actually be cast bronze   they are 6.

hands - lifestyle gift & homewares store
hands – lifestyle gift & homewares store

99 each which is a little bit on the  Steep side that’s 14 for the pair but these are   very high quality made pieces so I’m thinking  that I can probably get around 32 dollars   for this pair and they’re absolutely gorgeous  sometimes I buy things just because I love them I am freaking out in Goodwill right now if  only you could see my face this is a piece by   the artist Robert Sperry I always dreamed I would  find a piece of his pottery and today is the day   this is an incredibly valuable piece of pottery  I know some of his Pottery can go upwards of a   thousand dollars online I’ve got to do a little  bit more research to find out the actual value


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