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How to remove dark spots on face fast

How to remove dark spots on face fast

How to remove dark spots on face fast:- Hello friends, today we will talk about the causes and remedies for dark spots on the body and face. Different types of dark spots on the body can have different meanings. Sometimes this problem also occurs due to external factors like stress, age or sun rays.

Causes of dark spots on the face

Itching and dark spots on your face could also be a symptom of a variety of facial conditions, including:

Overproduction of melanin: Melanin, a protein, determines facial complexion. Faults in the synthesis of this protein lead to excess melanin production in the face, resulting in dark spots and dark patches developing on the face.
Eczema: Eczema is a facial condition that results in irritation, itching and the development of facial patches.
Fungal infections: Fungal infections are another common cause of itching and dark spots on the face.
Overexposure to sunlight: Prolonged exposure to sunlight ages the face and can lead to dark spots.
Junk food: Regular consumption of junk food often leads to partial liver function problems inside the body, resulting in facial discoloration and the development of dark spots.
Smoking and drinking too much coffee: These behaviors can increase dark spots.
Stress, either physical or mental: Stress, whether physical or mental, can cause dark spots on the face.

Remedies to remove dark spots on face

6 steps of skin care routine to get rid of dark spots on face:

1. Clean your face with a face wash
Clean your face twice a day with a natural face wash. You can use Mamaearth Vitamin C Face Wash. This face wash cleanses deeply and brightens the face.

2. Use a toner

Use a toner to remove dead skin cells from your face and penetrate deep into the facial layer. Mamaearth Vitamin C Toner is an excellent product made from natural ingredients that restores the pH balance of the face.



3. Apply face serum

The use of face serum is essential to remove dark spots on the face. It protects your face from free radicals or closes open pores. Mamaearth Skin Correct Face Serum reduces acne scars and reduces enlarged pores.

4. Apply dark spot cream

Use Mamaearth Bye-Bye Blemish Dark Spot Removal Cream on your face daily. This cream is helpful in problems like blemishes, dark spots and pigmentation.

5. Use aloe vera moisturizer

Aloe vera can help fade scars and soothe the face. Apply aloe vera on the scarred area and leave it for a while. Mamaearth Aloe Vera Moisturizer moisturizes the face and gives a glow to the face.

6. Sun Protection

Wear protective gear like a hat or umbrella to protect yourself from the sun.


It is very important to take care of the face to get rid of dark spots. So you should use treatments and skin care routines to get rid of dark spots. You can talk to a facialist who can give you suitable advice.


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