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where to buy refy beauty uk

where to buy refy beauty uk

where to buy refy beauty uk :-
REFY Beauty, the brainchild of renowned makeup artist Jess Hunt, has taken the beauty world by storm with its minimalist, high-quality makeup. If you’re in the UK and eager to try these coveted products, here’s your guide to where you can find them:

Official REFY Beauty Website:

The most direct way to purchase REFY Beauty products is through their official website: This offers the widest selection of products, including exclusive launches and limited-edition collections. They also provide free UK delivery on orders over £30.

Departme$nt Stores:

For those who prefer shopping in-store, REFY Beauty has partnered with select department stores in the UK:

  • Selfridges: This luxury department store chain offers a dedicated selection of REFY products across various locations in the UK. You can find their online selection at

     where to buy refy beauty uk
    where to buy refy beauty uk

Sephora UK:

Sephora, a renowned beauty retailer, also carries a curated selection of REFY Beauty products in some of their UK stores. You can check their website for availability and store locations:

Limited-Time Opportunities:

Keep an eye out for pop-up shops and exclusive collaborations. REFY occasionally hosts pop-up events in select locations, offering a chance to experience the brand directly and potentially snag limited-edition products.

Additional Considerations:

  • Delivery: When purchasing online, factor in delivery times and costs. REFY offers free UK delivery on orders above £30, while other retailers might have different policies.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Familiarize yourself with each retailer’s return and exchange policies before making a purchase.

Recent Posts

Beyond Physical Stores:

While physical stores offer a hands-on experience, REFY Beauty also provides convenient online shopping options:

  • Social Media: Follow REFY Beauty on social media platforms like Instagram for updates on new product launches, promotions, and potential collaborations with online retailers.
  • Beauty Subscription Boxes: Some beauty subscription boxes occasionally feature REFY products as part of their curated selections.


Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the experience of browsing in-store, there are multiple avenues to acquire REFY Beauty products in the UK. With the official website, partnerships with renowned retailers, and potential pop-up events, you can easily find the perfect way to add REFY’s minimalist luxury to your makeup collection.


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