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Best Instagram Makeup tutorials for beginners

Best Instagram Makeup tutorials for beginners

Best Instagram Makeup tutorials for beginners

Best Instagram Makeup tutorials for beginners:- Finding the best Instagram makeup tutorials for beginners can be a game-changer in your beauty routine. Instagram is filled with talented makeup artists who share easy-to-follow tutorials, tips, and product recommendations. Here are some of the top Instagram accounts to follow for beginner-friendly makeup tutorials:

1. @makeupshayla

Shayla Mitchell, known as @makeupshayla, is a renowned makeup artist who shares a mix of everyday makeup looks and glamorous transformations. Her step-by-step tutorials are detailed and easy to follow, making them perfect for beginners.

2. @nikkietutorials

Nikkie de Jager, aka @nikkietutorials, is a makeup guru with a massive following. She breaks down complex looks into simple steps and offers plenty of tips for those new to makeup. Her tutorials are fun and informative, covering everything from foundation application to dramatic eye looks.

3. @jackieaina

Jackie Aina is known for her inclusive beauty tutorials that cater to all skin tones. Her Instagram feed is filled with easy-to-follow videos that are perfect for beginners. Jackie also offers honest reviews and recommendations for makeup products.

4. @tati

Tati Westbrook, known as @tati, offers a variety of makeup tutorials, from simple everyday looks to more intricate styles. Her detailed explanations and clear demonstrations make it easy for beginners to learn and replicate her techniques.

5. @katiejanehughes

Katie Jane Hughes is a professional makeup artist whose Instagram feed is a treasure trove of beginner-friendly tutorials. She often focuses on natural, dewy looks and provides tips on achieving a flawless finish with minimal products.

6. @rawbeautykristi

Kristi, known as @rawbeautykristi, offers honest and relatable makeup tutorials. Her step-by-step guides are perfect for beginners, and she often discusses affordable makeup options, making it accessible for everyone.

7. @hindash

Mohammed Hindash, or @hindash, is a Dubai-based makeup artist known for his artistic and precise makeup looks. His tutorials are detailed and perfect for beginners looking to refine their techniques and learn new skills.

8. @msroshposh

Rosh Posh provides a mix of glam and everyday makeup tutorials. Her easy-to-follow instructions and product recommendations make her a great resource for beginners looking to build their makeup skills.

9. @chloemorello

Chloe Morello’s Instagram is filled with makeup tutorials that cater to beginners. Her fun and engaging videos cover a wide range of looks, from natural to full glam, and she often includes helpful tips and tricks.

10. @desiperkins

Desi Perkins offers a variety of makeup tutorials that are perfect for beginners. Her clear and concise instructions make it easy to follow along, and she covers a wide range of styles, from simple everyday makeup to bold, dramatic looks.


These Instagram accounts provide excellent makeup tutorials that are beginner-friendly, covering a range of styles and techniques. By following these makeup artists, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to help you improve your makeup skills. Happy learning and practicing!


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