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brazil lifestyle and culture

brazil lifestyle and culture

brazil lifestyle and culture :- Before we jump in don’t forget to like  and subscribe also please follow us on   instagram at our brazilian life don’t forget  we always put english and portuguese subtitles   on all of our videos you can turn those on  in the video settings in youtube. Number one   why do we live in brazil? Because it is  the most beautiful country in the world! Number two, the brazilian people are very  kind warm and loving people uh one of the

greatest things about the people here in  brazil is that they’re open and you get to   know them very quickly and very easily uh i  also like the the kisses the hugs and kisses   it’s a very touchy uh culture and and  they love to give the hugs and kisses.   Which is a bit different from americans because  we like to shake hands but man americans need   brazilian hugs it’s so good.

brazil lifestyle and culture

There’s lots  of touch lots of feeling it’s a it’s a very   intimate culture and that’s one of the great  things that we love about it it’s also a   family-oriented culture where the people  are are very close knit with their family   they don’t have very many kids like  one maybe two children per family but   it’s uh they’re they hold their kids and  their family very close to each other Number three, our kids are bilingual which  is amazing that was a big goal for us that   was something that was really important living  in another country we wanted them to learn the

  • language and there’s no better way to do that  than to actually live in that native environment   so our kids are
  • fluent in Portuguese that’s  been an incredible opportunity for them   and Portuguese is very latin so it’s a  great
  • base for learning other languages   in the future.

Brazil is the largest country  in South America and the most populated country   and because it has the most people living in  brazil out of all the those in South America   if you speak Portuguese you can do very well in  business and communications here in South America Number four, free public health care health care  in the United States is crazy expensive and it’s   free here in Brazil for brazilians permanent  residents for even travelers if you’re passing   through Brazil you have access to free health care  which is incredible, so you have the option of   choosing private care and finding private doctors  for things that you need and sometimes that is a

  1. good and better option it just depends on what you  need and your preferences and that does cost you   out of
  2. pocket but it’s a fraction of the cost  cheaper than the United States. For example uh   before we moved to Brazil
  3. i think it was the day  before Maycee, she broke her arm and we didn’t   have insurance in the United States so
  4. we took her  to the emergency room we waited at the emergency   room they gave her an x-ray and afterwards
  5. they  gave her a brace they didn’t even put her into a

uh into a cast and they said uh come back in  a week to to have a checkup we couldn’t come   back in a week because our flight was the next  day we got on the plane we flew to Brazil uh   a few months later a few weeks later we got a  bill in the mail for six thousand dollars just for   an x-ray and a sling for her arm nothing else no  other care was provided and here in Brazil, Maycee   has also broken bones and she and we’ve taken her  to the public hospitals and we go in we have to   wait a long time that’s true uh but you also have  to wait a long time in the United States so we

waited a long time they they put us through gave  us an x-ray and then they put a cast on her right   right then and there after they saw what was wrong  and it was free we didn’t have to pay anything   we’ve also paid for private health care here in  Brazil and it’s pretty good it’s it’s inexpensive   relatively and you go in and you sit down with the  doctor and they spend the entire hour sitting down   and chatting with you to see what’s wrong to see  how they can help and they really get to know you

in the united states it’s uh 10 minutes it’s it’s  in and out it’s a as quickly as they can possibly   get you in and out and you don’t you don’t feel  like you have that connection with the doctors   in the United States as you do here in Brazil and  they they ask you to come in for a follow-up visit   and and that’s included in your in your first  visit so we use a combination of private health   care and also the pro the public health care here  in Brazil. This is kind of a hot topic so let us

brazil lifestyle and culture
brazil lifestyle and culture
  • know your thoughts and opinions in the comments  about your experiences with brazilian healthcare. Number
  • five, cost of living  in brazil is very affordable!   We live in a very nice home we eat very well  and we we put our
  • kids through homeschooling,   private schooling, we have our own teacher and all  of this is very affordable and
  • we could not live   we could not have this lifestyle the same  lifestyle that we have now in the United States   so
  • we really enjoy the elevated lifestyle that  we live here in Brazil I would say that our our

rent is for sure less than half of what we’d be  paying in the United States and we wouldn’t have   all the luxuries that we have here as well so  there’s actually a lot of places in Brazil that   are cheaper than Rio de Janeiro which is where  we live so leave in the comments where’s the   best place to live in Brazil is it the north the  south where’s the cheapest place to live because   even though we live in Rio de Janeiro which is one  of the most expensive places to live in Brazil and


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