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Disadvantages of living in Canada

Disadvantages of living in Canada

Disadvantages of living in Canada

Disadvantages of living in Canada :- That India today, friends, will make the history of the whole world beautiful and amazing. Do not doubt that this entry of North America is very ahead in progress. It means a lot in terms of education and it is a top class country to study. Calendar 231 Haldi Aamir, when did you turn 30 today and friends, the lifestyle of the people here is considered to be amazing, although living in a country of frustration, you get many benefits, we had told you this in a video earlier too, but Today we are not going to talk about files but about losses, today I will tell you which such big

There are reasons due to which you may face a lot of trouble in life in China in Canada. So friends, let’s start the video. If you are going to be interested in the video itself, then keep cold drink popcorn ready now [Music] and listen to Ajay’s name coming on phone number 1. Today is the season of winter, friends, when there is frustration in many places, engineers are considered to be engineers and being able to handle such cold soil is not within everyone’s reach. Friends, those people from India who go to Canada first have to take a very long time to adjust. It seems that Canada, along with home, is one of the most visited places in the world with friends.

Disadvantages of living in Canada

  1. It is considered to be a slightly cold country and Russia and Canada are considered to be the cleanest and
  2. coldest countries in the world. In the entire world, you will see these areas like this in Kanter, here it is very
  3. cold even for the remaining seven months, so friends. You will get to see this heat during the summer season,
  4. but four to five opinions: In Canada, the temperature here is also like this – it does not remain constant, the
  5. weather is so cold that the temperature sometimes reaches up to 225 degree Celsius – very little. Cold sea water turns into ice and friends, rivers also freeze completely at that time.

Friends, the traffic is also very bad, the world goes to the heart, when you wake up in the morning, you have to ice the car before driving, now you will be able to drive, only because of the doctor, because of the cold, this is a big flour of friends, where did you live in Canada? Now the word ‘look’ may have started here but many Indians would understand what I want to say. I am just friends. Canada’s healthcare system is really amazing. You get the facility of universal health care while living in Canada. You will get it, but friends, the problem is that here neither

Disadvantages of living in Canada

  • In Darna, it may take a long time for your turn to come for treatment. In fact, friends, if you have to go to the
  • dentist here, sometimes it takes 3 to 4 minutes. If you want to go to him for help, then you will see long lines
  • there too. Animal friends are found, why not in full but in your taken one, because Canada is a country where
  • there are very few doctors or even a shot of this, and only on Everest and Bhiwani can a person be found. If you
  • have to wait for 182 days to get it made in Canada, as the report claims, then friends, this is a big loss for you.

It can be seen that if you are not busy then there is nothing like this in India. The name that comes at number 3 is Canadian dollar is slow. Now this form of Canadian dollar is very big in such a fold but if we see it in front of the American branch, then friends this is It doesn’t hold up at all even in front of most of Europe and pales in comparison to England’s pound sterling. Even though the Canadian economy has played a big role these days, the country is growing at a very fast pace across the border. But friends, in the matter of currency power, it should always be America and

Disadvantages of living in Canada
Disadvantages of living in Canada

It looks completely pale in comparison to the European countries. At number four is the name Cost of Living. High cost of living is seen in Canada. You can see it very high, it is not so friends, European countries are expensive. No my Priyanka is not where Australia will be cheaper for you too Harish but the fact is that some of the citizens here are considered to be the most expensive cities in the whole world like friends talk about Toronto then check Vancouver then Montreal’s Vancouver whose weather is a little different. considered good

It is available all over Canada, so friends, to buy a house, you may have to spend several crores of rupees and on top of that, if we talk about the cost of living, then you will have to pay a huge part of it to settle in Canada. Friends, if we talk about number five, then the name comes Kahani De. Most of the ads in the world are passed, but in the developed countries, the text in SOO is too much for you, you have to go on the highway, but friends, in Canada, this is absolutely not breaking the limit, you have to pay tax. It means that you lose a lot of money.

Now we know it only because of income tax but we definitely get the benefits but friends, this tax is very less. There is anger among the candidates. At this level, you have to pay almost 19% tax, whereas at the highest level, you have to pay tax up to 44%. While you may have to pay, there are some areas where an effective tax of four percent can be collected from you while staying in Kheda. Believe me, this is a very big cafe, even four percent tax is charged in some areas, that is, if you pay ₹ 10000000, then it will be 54 lakhs. Friends, we will have to give it to the government. See, I have given it only for a sample.


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