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Ghost lifestyle canada For

ghost lifestyle canada

Ghost lifestyle canada For what’s up folks back at you with another video i get the question a lot keith do you actually use ghost products and if you do which ones do you use today we will talk about all of that and more let’s go so hey if you don’t know me my name is keith aka kefrika aka the serial king as you can see and i am a ghost athlete i love ghost products i was a fanboy of ghost products in the brand as a whole from the inception of the company and now that i get to actually be an inner working fiber aspect of it i’m just like

Ghost lifestyle canada For

this is sick it just continually blows my mind so heck yeah i’m constantly speaking well of and actually consuming all of the ghost things so today let’s talk about all the things that are going in here so when i wake up daily i’m getting ready and i’m for the most part headed to the gym like that’s the first thing that i am ready to go and do as a trainer and ask somebody that trains himself every day so currently burn either burn black or non-stem i’ve really been on this non-stem kick i love

  • it so much but burn black or burn non-stem is my go-to right now especially the days that i’m doing burn non-
  • stem there’s a ghost energy backing it so there is stimulants but i’m also getting the benefits of burn which is a
  • fantastic combo if for some reason i don’t have a ghost energy around then i’m taking legend gotta love that
  • mac shooting collab every single day no matter what go size natty because you can mix it with any of these
  • things and it just takes on the flavor because there is no flavor i love it so i’m at

the gym i’m doing my thing i’m working out training my peeps i’m drinking ghost hydration i’ll put the video down below where i compared ghost hydration to gatorade but i just want you to know that this is my favorite product i love it so much and everybody in the world that’s exerting physical energy playing sports working out doing all the things or just trying to stay hydrated a little bit better should be getting on this one right here so i’ve woken up gone to the gym i’ve worked out i’ve

drank all of these things so far when i come home the first thing i grab is two scoops of ghost protein now i do mix and match often if you want to know all the mix and match combos that i do comment down below and maybe we’ll make that video very very soon because i guarantee you there’s some awesome combos that y’all haven’t even thought of yet if you know of any combos that i haven’t even thought of yet comment those down below protein mashups from ghost i’m very interested in hearing your creativity

but two scoops so then i’m at home i’m editing my videos i’m cleaning my house i’m doing all the things it’s later now i’ve eaten dinner probably already so i’m winding down every single night before i go to sleep a scoop of ghost greens guava berry is my favorite flavor scoop of ghost glow peach is probably my favorite flavor of that and then a serving of ghost multi and honestly that’s my day legitimately as i edit this video i realized wow i didn’t talk about ghost gamer

ghost lifestyle canada
ghost lifestyle canada

stem and non-stem that this is the daily driver while i’m doing my work here and editing or if i’m playing video games or just anything where i need to focus on ghost gamer is my go-to this turtles ooze flavor is my favorite flavor all time now that it’s already come out i made this video before these things came out so uh that’s kind of the reason why but we needed to talk about this these things are phenomenal i really hope and pray that non-stem gamer comes back maybe even this flavor can stay but at

Ghost lifestyle canada For

least non-stem gamer can come back because it’s a awesome product and like i said daily drivers right here as i’m doing work now back to your regularly scheduled program and that’s every single day no cap no regrets so if you have any questions on my daily routine on the things that i take here on the reason why i take everything on flavor recommendations anything like that just comment those down below and i’ll get to those questions and we’ll have that conversation but this is what i take

every single day just so all hearts are clear i love the products that ghost puts out and i can’t wait for y’all to see what’s next truly but i hope you all have an amazing day make sure that you like and subscribe until the next one hey burn it down


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