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smart lifestyle australia heat pump

smart lifestyle australia heat pump

smart lifestyle australia heat pump

smart lifestyle australia heat pump :-hey guys it’s Jesse from and and today I have some very exciting news to share with you guys number one the 290 liter ecogenica system is now out for residential in New South Wales and Victoria we are doing it at a ridiculous price not only is this system out but the performance of this system and the performance of the 215 liter liter ecogenica is vastly improved we’ve changed the refrigerant to something far more efficient making both of these systems the most efficient heat pump in

Australia at a copo5 but also one of the most efficient heat pumps in the world so I’m going to be running through all of these details first let’s run into the 290 liter ecogenica system we’re going to look at the specifications we’re going to look at the cost very similar to the other uh to the 215 but there are some slight changes there are also some slide changes to the 215 as I mentioned the refrigerant has changed so jump right into what those details look like so I’m just going to show you this

little spreadsheet now don’t get too excited when you see the 330 liter model that is not released yet and I have no idea it’s probably going to take at least four or five months before this comes out so don’t expect that anytime soon but for now we have the 290 liter model you’ve got the 215 and we will probably have the 260 model in the next coming months so the first thing that I want to draw your attention to when we look at these models is the increased cop now this is done because we’ve

changed the refrigerant to a 290 our refrigerator r290 which is more efficient it’s also better for the environment so the refrigerant has changed making the cop even better so guys you can actually get the best system available in Australia at 33 or 199 dollars for the 290 liter system which let’s be real that is a ridiculous price this is the best performance system in Australia it’s got one of the best warranties and you’re getting it for a price that doesn’t even make sense and that’s all

smart lifestyle australia heat pump

because we’re able to get the government subsidies we install your system for you and all you pay is 33 for the 215 or 200 um 200 so 199 for the 290 liter system this pricing only applies if your system is electric and outside if you are unsure if you qualify you can check out one of my other videos where I go into depth on what you need to qualify uh or you can check out our pricing page but your system needs to be electric and outside it can’t be a solar system or a heat pump already to qualify for this

  • price even if your solar assist uh panels aren’t working and it’s just using the electric boost you still will need to
  • pay extra in order to get this system there are still rebates but it’s not going to be as much it’s going to be a
  • significant investment probably about two thousand dollars that’s off to the rebates our plot okay so other than
  • that the details are pretty similar to the other system obviously it does consume a little bit more electricity it
  • does have a slightly bigger better compressor it uses

slightly more energy um and it has a higher heating capacity as well so obviously 750 times 5 is going to equal um your heating capacity so that’s that’s the cop so the input power times the cop that’s how you get your heating capacity the type volume is obviously 290 liters and other than that it’s pretty much the same the system looks exactly the same and everything like that I’m going to have some videos coming out pretty soon uh potentially next week of us installing the system so you can see

smart lifestyle australia heat pump
smart lifestyle australia heat pump

what it looks like and the sound we’re also going to get a ton more customer reviews um just subscribe to the channel there’s lots of good stuff uh coming in so if you’re sort of on the fence about um getting a heat pump I recommend you you subscribe subscribe and come along for the journey uh if you’ve already got a heat pump you can subscribe because we’re going to be coming out with lots of other things soon we’re going to be coming out with uh air conditioners pretty soon the next couple of months so

subscribe to keep tuned those are going to be pretty exciting as well that’s just the video um I just wanted to get out this news very quickly to you guys we’ve got a couple commenters who have been waiting for the 290 liter system if you have any questions for me just leave a comment in the YouTube channel or you can contact our company directly the best uh well do that is visit freeholdwater.


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