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Lifestyle Resort punta cana

lifestyle resort punta cana

Lifestyle Resort punta cana


Lifestyle Resort punta cana:-in this video we will be giving you a full tour and finish off with an honest review of the Nickelodeon resort bunagana so make sure to stay till the end to see if it’s worth the visit the Nickelodeon hotels and Resort Point toana offers an all ages vacation on Vero Alto Beach you can dive into excitement at the aqua Nick Park enjoy diverse cuisine at The Gourmet Village and meet Nickelodeon characters the resort prioritizes family bonding through play providing a range of experiences from thrilling Adventures to

relaxing moments on the Caribbean Beach we’ll start off with the accommodations the’s or boast 208 bold and playful rooms offering a variety of accommodations to cater to both couples and families from The Nest Suite to the grand pool super Villa each option ensures a comfortable and entertaining state for groups of two to six people all rooms come equipped with standard amenities like a 42in smart TV safety deposit box daily stocked mini bar and more ensuring a seamless blend of luxury and convenience family seeking spacious

  • Comfort can offer the Swank wraparound swim up Suite or the pool super Villa complete with private master
  • suites oversized marble bathrooms and tailor made activities organized by dedicated Butlers the pineapple
  • stands as the epitome of luxury featuring private Gardens patios infinity pools dining and living areas with
  • private Butlers At Your Service this exclusive accommodation caters to your every whim organizing Moonlight
  • Beach dinners and pizza parties whether it’s the intimate Nest Suite or the Grandeur of the pineapple each
  • room

category provides a unique Ambiance with comfort and entertainment at the very Forefront on to the food at the Nickelodeon resort the dining experience is a culinary Journey with nine distinctive restaurants each offering a unique and flavorful Adventure as well as three bars for the the young space enthusiasts space walker is a must visit where a space themed Ambiance complete with spectacular light and sound effects accompanies a diverse menu Venture into verdeo an Italian Haven serving up traditional Sicilian Delights including

the renowned pasta Alan Norma and homemade lemonchello reservations are recommended for this restaurant though walk walk beckons those seeking Far Eastern Fusion Cuisine with Chinese kungpow chicken as the star the aroma of exotic spices fills the air creating a sensory Journey that’s not to be missed burgers.

  1. pH is the go-to spot for Burger enthusiasts offering an extensive menu with a standout specialty the machete
  2. an oversized Burger perfect for sharing among family members for a taste of Latin America sugarcane
  3. showcases a Marketplace inspired Cuisine with the signature dish sanoto a traditional stew the open plan
  4. kitchen invites interactions with the chefs adding a touch of culinary theater to the D dining experience from
  5. adults only fine dining at kitchen 23 to familyfriendly global Cuisine at zest Nickelodeon hotels and Resort
  6. pakana caters to every

pallet whether enjoying a tropical cocktail at Jasmine swia bar or savoring Caribbean delights at the Lighthouse Restaurant the resort ensures that every meal is a delightful exploration of flavors now the fun the resort boasts an exciting aquatic Haven for families known as aquan Nick water park this themed water park is a paradise for children offering a delightful array of attractions including winding water slides splash pads a lazy river and tipping buckets the water park is not only an aquatic playground but also a

place where Nickelodeon’s beloved characters make regular appearances adding an extra layer of excitement to the little ones keep an eye out for Mass sliming events a signature Nickelodeon experience while aquan Nick is a focal point for family fun adults can bask in the Sun by The sophisticated INF infinity pool or unwind in Wicker pods on the private beach the infinity pool provides a serene escape with its Scenic views and for added relaxation there’s a swim-up bar where adults can indulge in ice cold beers tropical cocktails and

refreshing fruit infused water at Club Nick little ones embark on a wild adventure in a space that’s part Clubhouse and part artist studio the excitement includes a lagoon shaped ball pit with slides slime making classes and Lively science experiments geared for 4 to 12-year-olds Club Nick ensures a mix of supervised activities and free play creating a Haven for young enthusiasts the Resort’s heartbeat Nickelodeon place serves as a central hub for Endless fun it houses the thrilling aquan Nick Water

lifestyle resort punta cana
lifestyle resort punta cana

Park character Central for meeting favorite Nickelodeon characters and just kidding a kidson hangout area with supervised activities and free play if you’re finding this video useful so far please do support us by subscribing to the channel as the the sun sets Plaza orange comes alive with family fiestas featuring live music and funky dance offs between Nickelodeon characters this outdoor entertainment venue hosts special Nickelodeon events and performances adding an extra dose of excitement to the evenings the plaza



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